Fashion is where Metta has worked most of her life, from learning to draft out patterns, altering them to create new looks, to using fabrics from her mum's fabric bundles and local material stores or local spinners, and employing an unbridled passion for fabric texturisation and embelishment.

It's in her blood.

Having recently honed her skills in the fashion industry, Metta now drafts patterns to order and has an extensive range of pattern blocks at her fingertips and can think of nothing more engaging than to spend her days creating garments.

To her, fashion is being beautifully comfortable in what you wear and being kind to the Earth, keeping in mind that our resources aren't always renewable, utilise what you have to the best of your ability, look for inspiration around you and draw from it.

From this her fashion is a statement of its own.

Nothing wears better than an individual garment that you know is good, created by Metta, topped off with a perfect hat.