Hat Blocks

Hat block construction is an ongoing passion of Metta.

The need to create her own new designs for millinery work drove her to the local Port Stephens Woodworkers Club to extract from them the knowlegde on how to work with timber. 

What a wealth of information and acceptance she recieved. It was a joy to work with them!

Smelling the newly sawn wood and gently shaping it into desirable forms has her in awe.

Each timber has it's own aroma, texture, grain, properties, colour, weight, region, just like fibres and fabrics.

Amazing! Much testing has led her to select specific timbers that are the most suited to her requirements. 

New custom made hat blocks she is making are of beautiful, lightweight timbers so as to avoid unnecessary strain on the hands wrists and upper torso. They hold milliners pins well and are of high quality and durability, assuming correct respect for the timber is shown.